How to Make Friends with the Universe: Advice for Earth’s Apes June 2016

EMWTELEPATHICHATArtwork: “Telepathic Hat” by The Estrella Moon Workshop ©

As the universe is so unimaginably enormous, it can sometimes feel as though you are not getting the attention that you feel you deserve. So, in the meantime, Lets investigate how earthlings can bridge that gap, and make friends with the universe.

  • ‘The greatest races are without finish lines.’ – Princess DeLorean of Regulus Prime as provided by Donald Pidory
  • ‘Try not to eat the animals.’ – Reepurt Higglewipp of Bellatrix 9 as provided by Trudy Utterly
  • ‘Get out and see the solar systems.’ Xanadu Moonhopper as provided by Elvis Detox Devilmonkey
  • ‘You better shut the curtain if you’re not quite certain!’ The Shady Shakers Theatre Company Logo as provided by Rachel Irvin
  • ‘Some moments don’t require a camera.’ Captain Ray Starbeam of the Starship Astra as provided by J R Hampton


Do you have any top tips for humanity?

If you have a tip for the Earth Apes, simply email it to me along with your cosmic name & part of the universe from which you reside, and I’ll naturally select the best ones to post at the next round of How to Make Friends with the Universe: Advice for Earth Apes.

Send your cosmic top tips for humanity to in the body of the email.

Submission Guidelines;

  • Try to limit your top tips to one line.
  • Include your cosmic nom-de-plume and part of the Universe in which you reside – along with the name of who should be attributed to providing it.
  • Keep it simple, so that the Earth apes can read it.


Art submissions

Do you have an illustration, painting, photograph or electronic masterpiece that you would like to showcase?

Then why not send it along to for consideration? Jpeg format desirable.

Include your name and any link to your personal website/blog.

A small remuneration will be deposited into your Interstellar account, which will be awaiting you when you finally learn how to leave your little planet and join the rest of the cosmic community.

Until next time, keep evolving!





*Polydandroid reserves the right to use your contribution in any future publication of this blog. Submission is taken as full acceptance. Copyright remains with the author/artist.

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