Excuse Me! or An Inquiry into The Perpetual Motion of Man

The Perpetual Motion of ManArtwork: “The Perpetual Motion of Man” by The PPC Spectrophonic Studio ©

“Ape before beauty.” – Cosmelius Chunt

So here’s the scenario. I’m in a hurry. My train leaves in less than ten minutes and the distance between the station and me is approximately one hundred metres. Easy? Maybe not, if you take into consideration, the inconsiderate.

Firstly, evolution has now been going on for some time upon this little planet. Humans have acquired 20/20 vision, peripheral vision and have developed with eyes positioned at the front of their heads. The feet, which point forward, together with the legs, have developed a simple rhythmic locomotion, accomplished by using a double pendulum momentum, which gives them an effective and efficient means to propel themselves in a forward direction.

So why is it that half the people I encounter on this journey cannot grasp the simple process of walking forward and using their eyes to avoid obstacles? Namely, me!

Secondly, the pavement runs parallel alongside the road. It has been constructed with the intent to walk from destination A to destination B, in a safe, proficient way, which eliminates all that messy being hit by a car stuff. Some earthlings seem to have trouble comprehending this simple premise, they congregate in small groups or inexplicably stop for no apparent reason.

Thirdly, what is a door? What is it for? What is its purpose in the universe? For the benefit of the young, pink-hooded lady in tight blue leggings, and the two prattling apes wearing abnormally large rucksacks – I’ll explain. A door enables one to pass from one location to the next whereby a wall may otherwise restrict access. No, besides what you may think, it is really not the place to stand and exchange lists of pointless epiphanies that have only just occurred to you at that very moment.

Next, to help explain I’d like you to imagine this. Two colossal galactic ships are heading toward each other at an astonishing speed. Should they;

A: Each move slightly to one side to enable them both to pass unscathed?

B: One courteously direct the other through, so they can both pass unscathed? Or…

C: Collide and both end up with very sore heads?

Lastly, Pace. If I am in a busy street and walking at an incredibly slow pace, will my life expectancy increase if I was to move to one side rather than straddle the entire width of the pavement?

Luckily for me, and most probably for you, Earth trains seldom arrive on time.

Until next time, keep evolving!

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